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RTO Partners Clients with our realtors

RTO Partners Clients Work With Multiple Facets Of Our Team

In the case of rent-to-own, we assign you a realtor because …

  • most realtors are not familiar with all the details, complications and contracts related to rent to own deals
  • the realtor has to serve 2 masters – both the tenants, and the investor who is actually buying the house
  • many of our realtors own investment properties or rent-to-own houses of their own
  • it is a waste of time to hire your own realtor as you will not be signing a buyer’s agreement

In the case of a mortgage, we assign you a realtor because …

Most of the time when we are able to use our lending team to secure a mortgage for our clients, there are one or two creative financing strategies that are required in order to make the home purchase possible.

The most common obstacle that these strategies are used for is to come up with a 5% down payment.

The realtors we work with have proven to us that they are flexible and have an understanding of creative real estate financing.

In the past when we have dealt with realtors brought in by clients or third parties, to help one of our clients, we have too often encountered problems such as …

  • realtor not being available, being lazy, disorganized, etc.
  • realtor not being honest, only showing most expensive properties, and so on
  • realtor resisting any financing strategy they don’t already know (mental laziness)
  • realtor not understanding rent to own, wrongly trying to make purchase offers, and complaining about not earning a commission when they finally understand the process

We simply don’t have the time or resources to deal with those types of problems, due to the extensive advertising and labor costs of running our business. We help a lot of people achieve home ownership, and we do so as efficiently as possible.

We encourage feedback on all of the team members we assign to you, both good and bad. We HAVE fired team members in the past for not providing excellent service! But far more often we receive glowing testimonials.

When we assign you a mortgage agent and/or realtor, we do so as quickly as possible – sometimes on our initial phone call – depending, of course, on your own home-buying schedule.

We have had some eager future home owners out house-shopping the day after our first contact!

We co-ordinate all team logistics, and keep all the balls in the air until you are a home owner. We are always available by phone and email during the process.

Real Estate Agent Retainer Agreement
* All clients are required to work in good faith with an assigned realtor. In return, we will provide our services FREE of charge. If an outside realtor is used, without reason or notice, to purchase a home, RTO Partners may bill client up to 1/2% of house value.