877 813 6171 chris@rtopartners.ca
You’ve already filled out our application and in all likelihood given us much of the Step 2 documentation (proof of income, tax returns etc.).

We have directed you to this page because of some specific document(s) or information related to your application.

These will be documents or information requested by our investor(s) who need further proof or details in order to make their decision whether or not to buy a house for you to rent-to-own, with the plan of eventually selling it to you.

Please collect the relevant documents mentioned below … or other documents we’ve mentioned to you … then

  • scan and send to chris@rtopartners.ca or
  • fax to 705 742 4760
  • hand deliver to a RTO Partners agent or realtor

We will complete our review immediately after the required documents have been received.

Required documents may include:

  • proof of separation or divorce
  • court documents or other proof of forthcoming payment from (or to) the government (benefits, settlements etc.)
  • recent pay stubs from a previous job if you’ve been at your job less than 6 months
  • a letter from your current or previous landlord
  • proof of existing or upcoming down payment funds
  • documented proof of upcoming equalization payment or other proceeds from divorce
  • documented proof of monthly payment amounts (ingoing or outgoing) for alimony, child support, lawsuit, garnishments etc.
  • proof of alimony and/or child support payments
  • proof of disability or any other temporary or permanent factor that influences your ability to pay rent and obtain a mortgage in 2-4 years

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