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Our free advertising and marketing tools for realtors, as well as our realtor partnership program, and assistance in using down payment loans to turn more leads into closings, is now maintained at TheAutomaticAgent.com.

That is where you’ll find the most up-to-date information.

What we will do to expand your business …

  • advertise and generate leads for your area
  • help you post, maintain and remove listings on Kijiji etc.
  • purchase a new phone number and domain name for our partnership with you
  • pay for top ad positioning, from time to time
  • you will have the option of paying for additional prime ad positioning
  • if you have real estate investment opportunities, we may be able to present them to our investor pool

realtor partnership

If you are already advertising on Kijiji, we will modify our system so that we are not duplicating efforts or stepping on your toes.

We are not giving you seminars, courses or articles about “how to sell real estate”. We are assuming you are motivated and open-minded, interested in alternative financing and creative real estate transactions, and simply need more leads in order to jump-start your practice.

We know that the biggest waste of time for realtors is unqualified and semi-interested leads