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Please Note: RTO Partners are not licensed real estate agents, mortgage agents, lenders or credit counsellors. We have established a team of dependable and creative professionals that we rely on to provide the services you need on your way to home ownership, and we co-ordinate their efforts and keep everything on track.

Everyone has their own opinion about bankruptcy vs consumer proposal, whether they’re our client or one of the mortgage agents or realtors or business owners we work with. We’ve heard them all. The truth is that a lot of people, especially people who want to rent-to-own a house, could benefit from debt negotiation or a consumer proposal, especially one in which the agreement is to pay 30% to 60% of their current total debt over a predetermined and manageable time frame.

An investor is much more likely to want to buy a house for you to rent-to-own from them, if they can see that your debts are being cleared up.

We invite you to take a fresh look at consumer proposals and credit repair, and how they fit into the Rent-To-Own model.

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We hear bone-numbing cases every week from clients who are locked into proposals where they’re paying 60% to 100% of what they owe! In an ideal world, everybody pays every penny they owe. In the REAL world, this is simply not mathematically possible, as there is far more debt in the world than there is actual money to pay it. The only question is, “Will you (or your clients) take a practical approach to their debt problem?”

1) provide an insurance option to tenants and landlords in Rent To Own situations

2) provide the best credit repair for tenants, to make sure they qualify for their mortgage when it is time for them to take ownership at the end of their lease

3) give you the highest possible chance to successfully complete your Rent To Own agreement by getting a mortgage after 1 to 4 years

Many lease to own home providers have a more or less hands-off approach to credit restoration or they leave it to fate. Many people think they can intuitively figure out how to repair their credit, only to discover after a few months or years that they’ve been doing it wrong.

We take your success very seriously. We work with you throughout the process so that you never feel alone. You will have a partner in the process that is there at every stage to help you to succeed.


How we do this

Fill out the form on this page, and get a free consultation to find out how our credit specialists may be able to help you to enter into a rent to own agreement, AND to also complete it successfully. Or, maybe you’ve already chosen a non-RTO housing solution, but you still want to know how to clear up your debts and fix your credit bureau.

Facing your debts, clearing them up and fixing your credit can be a stressful and confusing process. But if you face it NOW and do it CORRECTLY, it’s a powerful way to rebuild your financial strength.

Our experts will look at all aspects of your situation and show you how to improve your situation. Many rent to own clients have a debt burden. We look at this and help you to clean this up or better, to get rid of it entirely, and faster than you probably thought possible. Once the debt is gone, this puts you in a much better position to not only qualify for future home ownership but you will also be able to manage it better.

The biggest risk to the success of the plan is your credit rating. Due to many situations such as debt load, being behind on credit card bills, divorce, illness, etc., your credit rating may go down. According to MyFICO, a person with a 659 credit score versus a 720 credit score will pay 5.52% MORE in interest! On a car loan of $20,000 you would pay an extra $1,103 per year just because of your lower score, even one point may be the difference between getting a house and being turned down.

What a poor credit rating could cost you on a $300,000 mortgage
(30 year fixed rate)

Estimated Interest Rate and Corresponding Payments


Score Interest rate Payments
720 – 850 5.64% $1,730
700 – 719 5.77% $1,754
675 – 699 6.30% $1,858
620 – 674 7.45% $2,088
560 – 619 8.53% $2,319
500 – 559 9.29% $2,474


How our experts can get your credit score up to 720 …

  • Contact you for intro and get to know you questionnaire
  • Solve all problems that together they have identified as risk to the success of the plan, i.e. debt problems
  • Pull your bureau to see your credit score and to look for problems and clean them up. This is essential for repairing your score. They will correct any errors on your report.
  • Review and clean up your credit card situation. For example having no credit cards is a mistake and hurts your score. It is also a mistake to have the wrong type of card or too many credit cards. They will walk you through this. This step is vital to a quick increase in your score.
  • No more than 3 to 5 revolving lines of credit.
  • They will show you what a Utilization Rate is and how this is powerful to help your score.
  • They will show you how you need at least one Installment Loan and why this is vital for your success.
  • Create a structured plan to protect your credit. Once we have your score at a high level, we help you with guidelines on how to keep it that way.

Some clients tell us that they “refuse to play the game of credit”. We tell them that unfortunately, they don’t have a choice, they are forced to play. Buying a home, car, boat, leasing a car, financing a vacation, and sometimes getting the best rates for insurance all require credit. By following the steps above, your credit score should improve dramatically and save you a lot of money over time.

These are your personal finances and your results will be based on two factors: how quickly you implement these steps, and the current shape of your credit report and score.

Fill out the form above TODAY, and face your debts head on.