This application form helps us find you a lease-to-own arrangement in any Canadian city with population of 20,000 or higher. If there are 2 income earners in the household, type BOTH names into the name field, BOTH employers into the employer field, etc. If you are a serious applicant and want to be moved into your new home within 105 days, click HERE and use our detailed application instead.

Basic Rent-To-Own Application:

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  • Your total household income should be at least 30% of the value of the home
  • A down payment of usually at least $7,000 will be required – exact amount depends on the area, the value of the house and which investor-partner we work with (we will shop for you and find the best deal)
  • House must be in a municipal area, on public water and sewer, usually less than 30 years old, central heating and air, newer energy-efficient windows, roof, furnace
  • Use this tool to calculate the maximum home price you can qualify for
  • Move-in date can be as soon as 5 to 8 weeks after application, or a longer time frame if needed
  • Please do not hire a realtor (since you’re not buying a house) … you’ll need to work with one of our local realtor partners who specializes in completing rent-to-own deals (and negotiating with investors on your behalf)
  • Click here for to get your credit score ($23.95). If you choose other options you will NOT be given your beacon score.
  • Go to to get your budget started!

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I declare that the application is true and I herewith give my permission for anyone contacted to release the information of the applicant above to real estate professionals (mortgage agents, real estate agents, or their authorized agents), at any time, for the purposes of entering into and continuing to offer or collect on any agreement pertaining to rent-to-own housing or a home purchase. I further authorize RTO Partners or their Authorized Agents to verify the application information including but not limited to obtaining criminal records, contacting creditors, present or former landlords, employers and personal references, whether listed or not, at the time of the application and at any time in the future, with regard to any agreement entered into with RTO Partners or its Partners. Any false information will constitute grounds for rejection of this application, or RTO Partners or its Partners may at any time immediately terminate any agreement entered into in reliance upon misinformation given on the application. By providing the home phone numbers and email addresses above, I/we hereby authorize RTO Partners or its partner (realtor or mortgage agent) to contact me/us at my/our phone numbers or email addresses.
Consent to Release Information: The applicant above authorizes RTO Partners to disclose and forward any documentation necessary to real estate professional(s), for the purpose of providing requested services. This includes Driver’s Licence, SIN numbers, current residence details, employment details, bank account details and any/all other documents.
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The form above is Step 1. Step 2 is documentation.